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Bekum, Borgmar, Carnevalli, Chisso Engn, Ibirama, Minematsu, Miotto, Profac, Refeinhauser, Reifenhäuser,
Extruder for 25 mm to Labs brand Miotto
Extruder for 25 mm to Labs brand Miotto

Equipment code: 480-760

Brand: Miotto

Extruder with 25 mm for the laboratory.
Complete with paper shredder, stainless steel tub.
Brand: Miotto....
Monorosca 80 mm extruder Carnevalli
Monorosca 80 mm extruder Carnevalli

Equipment code: 573-427

Brand: Carnevalli

Monorosca, 80 mm. Extruder Carnevalli.

Mono screw extruder for 80 mm.

Great State of preservation.

Brand: Carnevalli.

Note: Extruders in condition-zero, with degaseification, stainless steel tubs, force-feeding with compactor with spe...
Monorosca extruder for 120 mm  mark Borg Mar
Monorosca extruder for 120 mm mark Borg Mar

Equipment code: 337-810

Brand: Borgmar

Monorosca extruder, 120 mm, Borg, with frequency inverter, with 2 threads. New equipment.

Monorosca extruder to 120 mm, with VFD, with 2 threads.
Equipment in good condition.

Brand name: Borg Sea.

Note: Extruders in condition-zero, wi...
Extruder with fixed head
Extruder with fixed head

Equipment code: 468-060

Components: Cestari, WEG

Size of the cannon with bearing box/-3.0 meters.
-Thread/-2.6 metres.
-Thread Screw for PVC and PP pair
-40 engine power HP WEG.
-Charles HD5 Reducer.
-Reducer; 250 mm pulley.
-motor; pulley 150 mm
-5 heating Zones
-complete ...
Blower 2 Bekum
Blower 2 Bekum

Equipment code: 603-604

Brand: Bekum

Bekum blower Bae, extruder: S 531 NG.
Head: BKD 51.
Thread: 50 x 24 diameter D
capacity: 3 liters.
Average productivity: 4000 pieces a day
Purchase: 12/31/98.

Bekum blower H-111/5, extruder: S 506/24 d.
Head: BKD 51/A50.
Capacity: 3...
Profac Extruder
Profac Extruder

Equipment code: 314-716

Brand: Profac

Profac extruder .
-8 Tonnes Capacity day
PROFAC Brand-Model extruder.
-State of conservation of the new equipment.
-Year 2015.
-400 KG Production Hour.
Extruders Reifenhauser 220 mm
Extruders Reifenhauser 220 mm

Equipment code: 507-500

Brand: Reifenhäuser

220 mm Reifenhauser Extrusion 2
2 co-extrusoras
2006 year Brucker 9 Woith
spindles are 4 Meters of Thickness HoneyWell
2 Sliters...
Automated polymer extruder
Automated polymer extruder

Equipment code: 857-104

Automated polymer extruder
-the State thread
Mono-Ø22 mm Screw l/d: 15
-compression ratio: 2.5
-1 engine, 5cv
-resistive Power: 1.4 kW
-voltage: 240 V single phase
-production: 1.14 kg/h to rpm 50.
-maximum Rotation of the screw: 6...
65 mm extruders
65 mm extruders

Equipment code: 524-710

Components: Siemens

65 mm extruders
high performance
180 to 220 kg/h depending on the material
380 V, 60 hz
01 year warranty
prompt delivery

simens PLC induction Resistance....
Trademark Imacom extruder/Refeinhauser
Trademark Imacom extruder/Refeinhauser

Equipment code: 651-507

Brand: Refeinhauser

Double screw extruder Imacom 90 mm-parallel
trademark Imacom extruder
90 mm diameter in double roscaTotalmente reformed and with electrical part (pull-up resistor, electric Panel and frequency inverter) Extruder for the production of PVCModelo: a...
60 mm extruder Minematsu
60 mm extruder Minematsu

Equipment code: 658-431

Brand: Minematsu

High and low density extruder practically new, still under warranty, 6 months of use, still under warranty for manufactures, brand 60 with two arrays Minematsu, heater and vacuum cleaner.

cutting and welding, mark Santoro, model B-1100 practicall...
Bags and packaging industry
Bags and packaging industry

Equipment code: 200-278

Brand: Ibirama

Manufactures Bags and Packaging

Maquina Pauch 2010 1-Head bead 1-Head end 2-Head 3 solder 1-solder V 1-

Round Weld 1-Weld U + 1 Aligner

Welding Machine 2010 Wire 1-Welding Wire 1-Head Sheath 1-Heat Shrinkable Head.

Alsa's handbag bag.

Inverted Balloon extruder
Inverted Balloon extruder

Equipment code: 030-126

Brand: Chisso Engn

Complete extruder-Cannon, ARRAY and
* k12k ESTIRO * Manufacturer: CHISSO ENGN
model: inverted Balloon, year of manufacture: 1972
Description: inverted balloon threaded extruder 70 mm and 200 mm matrix, complete with easel and carreteleira with ...

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