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Alcoa, Arbras, Brevetti, Einsfeld, Holstein Kappert, Imarvil, IMSB, Zegla, Ziemann Liess,
Rotary filling machine with nozzle 14 IMSB
Rotary filling machine with nozzle 14 IMSB

Equipment code: 161-547

Brand: IMSB

Components: Siemens

Stainless steel monobloc/tribloc filling machine.

Brand: IMSB.

Model: ERSB 1414/4.

Manufacturing Standard: MS.

Electrical Characteristics: 380 V.

Weight: 3.200 KG.

With 14 filling nozzles.

With 4 arms for threading caps.

With ...
Washer stainless steel bottles Imarvil
Washer stainless steel bottles Imarvil

Equipment code: 874-786

Brand: Imarvil

Stainless steel washer bottles, use to sterilize the product packing container to be filled.
the liquid used to wash is alcohol.

Brand: Imarvil...
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás

Equipment code: 224-671

Brand: Arbras

Rotary filling machine rinser and capping bottle machine

Complete line for packaging.

Brand: Arbras.

With system of feeding bottles and lids.

Stainless steel.

Machine in acrinilo....
Line for bottling of mineral water
Line for bottling of mineral water

Equipment code: 102-113

Brand: Macmundi, Projepack, Vinox

VINOX filler/Capper monoblock.
Vxetgr model 12/4.
For non-carbonated mineral water PET 510 ml and 1.5 litres.
3000 unit production per hour reference 510 ml.

Vacuum and tunnel Projepack conjugate.
SLT model-400/RE (electric tunnel) to pac...
Line for production of drinks in cans
Line for production of drinks in cans

Equipment code: 602-113

Brand: Zegla

Machine set for cans.
Capacity: 4,000 cans per hour.
With carbonator, rinser and matting.
Collator Shirink oven.
Brand Name: Zegla.
Was used for carbonated products such as beer, soft drinks and carbonated water and not from the juices....
Washing Machine industrial Holstein Kappert
Washing Machine industrial Holstein Kappert

Equipment code: 678-734

Brand: Holstein Kappert

Industrial Washing Machine.

Brand name: Holstein Kappert.

No. 301.

Type: 23/90.

Manufactured: 1976....
Rinser Type Twister
Rinser Type Twister

Equipment code: 180-278

Rinser Twister Type 6.85 Meters in length

Composed by dildo, bike pump 1 HP and 1 HP reducer...
Beverage equipment
Beverage equipment

Equipment code: 034-673

Brand: Einsfeld

Relationship of machinery for filling of beverages
01-Tampador rosqueador for Pet adapted.
01-boiler that uses wooden substrates.
01-heat exchanger k12k * 01 *-* k12k nozzle Filler with 16 * 01-04 Xaropadora with beaks (semi-Auto).
01-Capper ...
Washer/ordering closed ampoules-J
Washer/ordering closed ampoules-J

Equipment code: 032-605

Brand: Brevetti

Washer/ordering closed ampoules
equipment State: the State
Mark Bayer: Brevetti
model: 34/158-3009 registration/2/77
Manufacturer: Brevetti
process in which was used: washing and closed Ampoules review
capacity: approx. 900 unit...
Line for filling of glass bottles and pet
Line for filling of glass bottles and pet

Equipment code: 128-354

Brand: Alcoa, Ata, Holstein Kappert, Rotix

Line for filling bottles of 180 ml to 1000 ml, and the washing machine can wash up to liter of brandy
01 washing machine bottles Holstein Kappert-P/16000 bottles/hour
1 Filler Kappert 60/10 Holstein P/9600 bottles/hour (Corker)
Rotix Labeller p...
Set of machines for production of soda
Set of machines for production of soda

Equipment code: 551-062

Brand: Chiaperini, Luvison, Ziemann Liess

Set of machines for production of soda:

-Rinser for washing of Pet and glass, with adjustment of vials.
Year: 1995.
Brand: Ziemann Liess.

-2 Compressor heads.
Year: 1995.
Brand Name: Chiaperini.
Bike: 30 HP.

-Ammonia cooling sys...

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